Configure vSAN Stretched Cluster

vSAN Stretched cluster introduced in vSAN 6.1 and it brings high availability in an active-active fashion. In this architecture, ESXi hosts would be placed in two different physical locations and join together with high bandwidth low latency networking. But from a management perspective despite hosts being in two different sites they belong to one single vSAN Cluster and share their resources. So this solution can be used in environments where disaster avoidance is a critical matter. Because it gives you the ability to avoid disaster, or recover from a disaster by having two different physical sites that host your applications. So you need to group the hosts based on their physical locations and put them in two different fault domains.

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GRUB Root Password – NSX-T 3.2 Installation

As you know VMware released NSX-T 3.2 a few weeks ago! You can read a list of the most important new features in this blog post. Since then, I have got questions about an option in the installation wizard of the NSX-T Manager OVA appliance about GRUB root password and in this post, I want to address it. If you wanted to recover a lost or forgotten password of the root account of the NSX-T Manager appliance, you had to reboot the appliance and force the boot process to enter into the GRUB menu.

But to be able to do that, when everything was under control and you had the root’s password, you needed to log in to NSX managers with root and configure the GRUB Hidden Timeout. There was also a default password configured which we could use or change together with the hidden timeout configuration.

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