NSX-T 3.0 Deep Dive

In series of blog posts we are going to walk through different steps to setup a NSX-T Data Center infrastructure. If you are new to NSX-T, please first go ahead and read the Introduction to VMware NSX. To get more insight on NSX-T architecture you can continue with NSX-T Architecture and Components post. Because we are using NSX-T 3.0 for the purpose of this implementation deep dive, you can also review What’s new in NSX-T 3.0 blog post.


Following are the required steps to build a solid NSX-T Data Center foundation. Please follow each step and we are going to update and complete this list regularly.

Step 1 – Start Deploying NSX-T Management Cluster
Step 2 – Add Compute Manager to NSX-T Data Center
Step 3 – Finalizing NSX-T Management Cluster Deployment
Step 4 – Configure a Virtual IP address on NSX-T Manager cluster
Step 5 – Configure NSX-T RBAC with native Active Directory integration
Step 6 – NSX-T 3.0 SSL Certificate Replacement

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